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George Sand's house


Located in the charming village of Nohant, in the commune of Nohant-Vic, Nohant Castle is the place where George Sand, the well-known author of the book "La Mare au diable", spent her childhood and several key moments in her life.

A visit to this 18th century building, steeped in memories of the Dupin family, shows in an intimate atmosphere the drawing room and dining room where famous artists such as Balzac, Chopin, Delacroix, Flaubert and also Liszt were invited.

Around the castle, the pleasant six-hectare park, classified Remarkable Garden, will charm you with its rose garden, orchard meadow, flower garden, vegetable garden and park with trees.

Close to the garden, in the family cemetery, is the grave of George Sand.

Every year, during the months of June and July, the domain hosts the festival of Nohant, an important music event dedicated to the Romantic period


Located 17km from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre.

The castle of Crozant


At the confluence of de  Creuse  and de Sédelle,

perched on a rock outcrop, the medieval castle of Le  Crozant  a wondrous site,

at once rough and picturesque, the beauty of which has inspired many an Impressionist painter.

From its past as a mighty fortress, this fortress retains some vestiges such as the square keep, the entrance gate and three towers.



Located 22 km from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre.

Lake Eguzon


Located in the heart of the valley of de  Creuse , close to Éguzon-Chantôme,

Lake Éguzon or Lake   Chambon   extends over an area of 312 hectares.

This wide reservoir, surrounded by a pleasant and preserved environment, with its landscaped beaches, invites in particular to relax but also to practice outdoor activities such as sailing, canoeing, boating, water skiing, pedal boating, swimming, rowing and fishing.


A viewpoint on the heights of the lake allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the site and the impressive dam of Éguzon.




Located 20 km from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre.

The Saint Martin de Vickerk

The small Saint-Martin de Vic church, located in the commune  Nohant-Vic , houses beautiful Romanesque frescoes from the 12th century.


The latter, remarkably well preserved, illustrate the life of Christ as do episodes from the life of Saint Martin. How wonderful!





Located 18 km from Crozon-Sur-Vauvre.

Sarzay . Castle


The castle of  Sarzay , described by George Sand in her novel "Le Meunier d'Angibault",

is a medieval fortress from the 14th century, which at the time had thirty-eight towers and three drawbridges, and from its past as a stronghold, a mansion flanked by five round towers, water moats and also a fortified chapel remains.

A visit to it will take you more on a journey to the Middle Ages!




Located 22 km from Crozon-Sur Vauvre.



Dominated by the silhouette of its ruined keep, the village of Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre is famous for being the setting for the shooting of Jacques Tati's famous film "Jour de Fête" in 1947. The pretty market square, which served as the setting for the film, blends in nicely with its old market hall from the 17th century, its fortified gate from the 15th century and its crucifix from the 16th century.

Lovers of Jacques Tati should not fail to visit the "Jour de Fête" House, a scenographic space dedicated to the work of the illustrious actor-director.

Every Wednesday a market takes place in and around the market hall.



Located 22 km from Crozon-Sur Vauvre.


On June 10, 1944, four days after the Landing in  Normandy , 642 residents of the village  Oradour-sur-Glane , including 207 children, were massacred by the SS. division Das Reich, the village was looted and burned.

The site of the martyr's village, preserved in that condition, is today a memorial and mourning site testifying to the horror of barbarism.

The nearby Center for Memory offers a permanent exhibition on the rise of Nazism to the story of June 10, 1944, as well as a reflection on peace and human rights.


Located at 122 km Crozon-Sur Vauvre.


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